Bluestone Kerb Melbourne

Bluestone Kerbs are the favourites to all the landscapers, professional architects, and contractors. These hand-cut natural stones are perfect for a comprehensive range of commercial construction services. Stone4Projects is a Melbourne based company which provides the best quality bluestone kerbs for all the commercial earthworks, pavement construction, in-ground infrastructure, and roads. Perfect for kerbing and edging, our natural stone building material is just right for your next big commercial project.


Stone4Projects is renowned to supply only the finest quality bluestone kerbs across Melbourne. Our kerbs are made as per Melbourne City Council guidelines. They are perfectly suitable for decorating, landscaping and remodelling all the commercial projects. Available in a variety of shapes, finishes, thickness and sizes – our bluestone kerbs are extremely popular, especially for separating pedestrian walkways and driveways. We also offer a wide selection of other bluestone products for internal and external paving in shopping malls; building façades; for balcony stone pavers and many more commercial uses.

With an appealing charm, strength, and durability of natural stone, our Bluestone kerbs are the best for inheriting the existing classic bluestone kerb scene in Melbourne. We ensure competitive pricing, great product knowledge, design ideas and the best customer service to all our clients.

Contact us and we would happily be a part of your endeavour.