About Us

StONE 4 PROJECT is an Australian company specialising in supplying all stone products and providing relevant services for large-scale commercial and residential construction projects. An international network group offering comprehensive service ranging from stone quarry, stone processing, product design, transport, delivery & installation to technical support, cleansing and maintenance.

Caulfield Synagogue Facade

A stone products company with advanced and sophisticated management systems, incorporating modern management and technology into a traditional industry, in order to ensure more efficient production as well as smoother, cost-effective supply and quality service for large-scale projects.

STONE 4 PROJECTS are a group of people having great passion about natural stone. Aiming for the best outcomes, they are always keen to investigate and research. As clients you are sure to feel enthusiasm, friendliness and quality service.

Our expertise in stone products and technology, our product supply and our participation have added beauty and excellence to numerous commercial and residential projects across Australia, making all of them shine and glitter with brilliance. Let STONE 4 PROJECTS take care of your next stone project.

Vision and Mission

Natural stone is an ancient building and architectural product. It has been playing an indispensable role in human construction history. Nowadays the popularity of natural stone application, particularly its application in construction, has increased dramatically for its natural beauty and durability. An unprecedented amount and variety of stone resources has been discovered, with various designs developed and applied to modern projects. Natural stone has its unique natural character and is very different from other building materials. Therefore specialized technology and professionals are needed to provide service to ensure its quality, especially its application in large-scale projects. The vision and mission of STONE 4 PROJECTS are to deliver better quality and outcomes so that this ancient product can be revitalized in the projects of our clients.

STONE 4 PROJECTS understand the critical importance of the quality and timeline in each project. STONE 4 PROJECTS believe that the supply of a project not only entails the provision of stone products, but also team participation. STONE 4 PROJECTS organize their professionals to work as part of their contractor team to take care of the stone component of the project. By being part of the contractor team, it injects its prompt customer service in the project of customers, thus enhancing cooperation, communication and problem solving while minimizing stress and any uncertainty. This vision and mission have won all contractors’ compliments and appreciation.